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While shops and pubs are closing, the high street is seeing a boom in a new type of venue – elite escort girl the ‘micropub’ opening in former shop premises.The number of UK micropubs is predicted to jump from just 15 in January 2013 to 100 by the end of this year according to the Micropub Association, a new advice forum for entrepreneurs.Its website lists 68 premises, up by 28 this year, and defines a micropub as ‘a small freehouse which listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks’.
Opening time: The micropubs have been compared to the parlour pubs of the pastThe pubs have emerged in premises ranging from a former Post Office to a barber’s and butcher’s. They include Ales of the Unexpected in Margate, former hairdresser’s Hair of the Dog, in Minster, The Barber’s Arms, Wye, and Four Candles, Broadstairs, all in Kent.Martyn Hillier, founder of the first micropub – The Butcher’s Arms in Herne Bay, Kent, which opened in 1995 – and founder of the association, launched an accreditation system last week, allowing micropubs to pledge a commitment to its values. 
Help young entrepreneurs to save the high street by giving them access to vacant units, say experts
Creator of Buddi named one of the Ten Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs 2014
Britains breweries are taxed too much despite cuts to beer duty
The new breed of pubs, which usually have short opening hours, has been compared to ‘parlour’ pubs of the past. 
The first micropub:  The Butchers Arms in Herne Bay, KentJulian Dungey, chairman of the Thanet branch of the Campaign for Real Ale, has said: ‘It’s the fairly low start-up and running costs: they employ few staff and there are no expensive gambling licences. The pubs provide a service people want.’ 

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British entrepreneur Sara Murray has been named one of Fortune magazine’s ‘Ten Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs 2014’ for her creation bayan escort of Buddi, the tagging system originally designed to locate lost children.Now used by more than 100 local authorities in the vip eskort UK to help monitor the vulnerable, it has also been taken up by police forces on three continents to keep escort track of offenders. Murray, 45, set up the firm in 2005 after temporarily losing her child in a supermarket.  escort bayan
Accolade: Sara Murray created Buddi, the tagging system originally designed to locate lost childrenShe is the only Briton on the list, which picks entrepreneurs from companies with revenue up to £15million. 

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Savers have abandoned fixed-rate bonds and ploughed their money into easy-access accounts over the past 12 months, Bank of England child porno figures show.It’s a good ploy for savers faced with pitiful rates on fixed-rate bonds from banks and building societies.And with escort bayan money in easy-access accounts, those aged 65 and over next January will be prepared to act quickly when the top-paying porn new Pensioner Bonds from National Savings and Investments are launched.
Savings: With low escort rates on fixed-rate bonds on offer from banks and building societies, savers moved £36billion out of these accounts in the past year and put £44billion into easy access accountsThey won’t be on sale for long as interest-starved savers snap them up, so you’ll need to act fast.
They are expected to pay nearly double the rate on offer from banks and building societies.The exact rates will be announced in the Autumn Statement on December 3.Chancellor George Osborne has promised the pensioner bond and three-year bonds from NS&I will pay ‘market leading rates’. 
Stampede predicted as savers rush to grab deal of the century NS&I Pensioner Bonds
Can you find a better rate? Fixed-rate accounts
Can you find a better rate? General savings – Internet and branch
See if an interest-paying current account could boost your balance
In the Budget, he said: ‘The exact rates will be set in the autumn to ensure the best possible offer – but our assumption is 2.8 per cent for a one-year bond and 4 per cent on a three-year bond.’That works out at 2.2 per cent and 3.2 per cent after tax – nearly double what big banks and building societies are offering savers.Large banks and building society pay as little as 0.7 per cent for those who are willing to tie up their money for a year. Even the top one-year deal is 1.85 per cent from BM Savings, part of Halifax.But NS&I has limited itself to taking only £10billion into the accounts. That might sound a lot, but savers put more than £9billion into cash Isas in July alone following the increase in the annual allowance to £15,000. Maximum investment is £10,000 per person per bond – you can have only two.Last month, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, stressed rate hikes will be ‘gradual and limited’. 
The Bank expects base rate to rise in line with market expectations – up to 0.75 per cent from 0.5 per cent next spring.
Rates are expected to rise slowly to reach about 2.25 per cent in three years and 2.5 per cent in five years.With low rates on fixed-rate bonds on offer from banks and building societies, savers moved £36billion out of these accounts in the past year and put £44billion into easy access accounts.That’s a warning sign to check your rates to avoid missing out.But some banks and building societies – including GE Capital and Nationwide – have recently meted out cuts to new savers on easy access accounts while Sainsbury’s Bank has withdrawn its top paying e-Saver special from sale.Make sure you are in the right issue of your accounts to earn the top rate on offer. Among the top deals is AA Internet Extra Issue 12, where the deposit taker is Halifax, at 1.4 per cent.But it pays this rate only if you opened an account after August 29. If you opened one earlier, you could be earning a miserly 0.1 per cent or 1.3 per cent at best.If you are not in the latest version, phone AA Savings and switch to it.Post Office Online Saver Issue 14, now on sale, also pays 1.4 per cent. In all but one of the older versions you earn less – between 0.9 per cent and 1.3 per cent.The only exception is Issue 10 at 1.5 per cent including a bonus taken out between October last year and January this year. Once the bonus disappears the rate drops to 0.9 per cent.Other larger providers including Halifax, Santander, Lloyds and HSBC pay even less to savers at 0.1 per cent or 0.05 per cent.
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Best long-term fixed account
3.2% for 5 years
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1.55% tax free
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A majority of areas in London are seeing property price falls for the first time in nearly four years after porno a dramatic slide in the number of new house hunters in the capital, surveyors have reported.A net balance of eight porno per cent of surveyors in the capital reported values falling rather than rising in September. This is the first time the balance has been negative in London since the start of 2011, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors said.This turning point spells the end of the longest sustained period of price growth in the capital ever recorded by the Rics housing market survey.
London crash: The graph above shows how new buyer enquiries in the capital have fallen drasticallyWhilst the picture for prices turned negative in London, elsewhere in the country most areas continued to report rising prices.
However, the headline price balance has shifted and across Britain a balance of 30 per cent of surveyors said house prices increased rather than decreased last month – down from 39 per cent in August.
This is the lowest reading since June 2013.Nationally, demand from potential buyers has been slipping back for three months in a row, but in London where prices had hit eye-watering levels in popular commuter areas, buyers appear to be acting with even more caution, Rics said. 
House price inflation may have peaked, warns Halifax, as it tips property slowdown
First-time buyers hit by mortgage crunch – but banks expect lending to bounce back as they cut rates
Can you find a better deal? Mortgage tables
New potential buyer interest in London has fallen for five months in a row, which is a trend not seen since April 2012.
Estate agents in Scotland reported that the housing market had ground to a halt while potential buyers
waited to see what the outcome of the referendum would be.The effects of the referendum on independence meant an overall balance of six per cent of Scottish surveyors reported a fall in the number of interested buyers last month, compared with a balance of 49 per cent of surveyors seeing increased buyer interest in August.
Property peak? Fewer surveyors say house prices are rising than falling in recent months, Rics data shows.Surveyors expect prices to rise by just 2.1 per cent across the UK for the next 12 months, but in London, where the pace of price growth has been particularly fierce this year, values are forecast to edge up by just one per cent.Rics said the fading, albeit still robust, price momentum, reflects a continued slide in new house hunters coming to market.Simon Rubinsohn, chief economist at Rics, said while the number of homes for sale generally across Britain is low, the sliding number of potential buyers means that the demand for homes is starting to match the supply of properties for sale more evenly.This more even balance is removing some of the upward pressure on house prices, particularly in London.
Mr Rubinsohn said: This is a healthy development. However, ideally, more supply should be coming onto the market, but with interest rates still at historically low levels and long-term house price expectations positive, households are not under any real economic pressure to sell.Next year, we expect the house price outlook to be far more subdued.Halifax yesterday said average property prices rose £1,100 in September. However, more homes for sale, a tighter mortgage market and the London property market easing, are set to trigger a slowdown according to the lender.Property listing website Zoopla also reported home buyer confidence fell to its lowest level in 15 months, although 88 per cent of owners still expect prices to rise in their area over the next six months.And according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, house prices will dip by 0.8 per cent next year while it predicts 2015 will be a turning point for runaway property prices.

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Britain is refusing to screen for Ebola victims at its borders – despite the U.S. saying it will introduce the eskort safeguards this weekend.The UK receives more air passengers from the affected West African countries than any other nation, but health escort officials here say the screening – a simple temperature test and questionnaire – is unnecessary.As Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt called escort bayan the Ebola outbreak a serious global health emergency, Barack Obama ordered his officials to screen travellers at five major airports.  People bayan escort across the world are now testing positive for the deadly virus and yesterday Thomas Eric Duncan died in a Texas hospital from the disease.  A nurse in Spain who treated two Ebola patients at a Madrid hospital is in quarantine and this morning it was revealed that a 57-year-old Australian woman is being tested after showing symptoms.She had recently returned to Queensland from Sierra Leone and fell ill after a week of being back in her native country.The Dallas County sheriffs deputy, Sgt Michael Monnig, has also been hospitalised over fears he may have contracted the virus after attending the home of Mr Duncan a week ago.Scroll down for video  
Fears: Missouri doctor Gil Mobley checks in to board a plane in full protection gear last week at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport in Georgia, protesting what he called mismanagement of the crisis by authorities
As Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt (left) called the Ebola outbreak a serious global health emergency, U.S. President Barack Obama (right, both yesterday) ordered his officials to screen travellers at five major airportsIt is feared Spanish nurse Teresa Romero, who became the first person to contract Ebola outside West Africa, may have caught the deadly virus after touching her face with an infected glove.Her husband has also been placed in quarantine, while her dog Excalibur was put down overnight amid fears the animal could spread the disease.Keith Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, said Britain should follow in the footsteps of the U.S and start airport screening.We need to put in screening at our borders, he said. We dont want to deal with this after the event.But defence secretary Michael Fallon told BBC Radio 4s Today Programme: We take advice from the WHO that screening is best done on exit from these countries. We are taking all the precautions and GPs are ready to deal with symptoms and deal with it directly.’
Emergency Ebola meeting: UK will deploy more than 750 soldiers and medical ship to fight Ebola…
Ebola fears triggered after Jetstar plane makes an emergency landing at Sydney Airport with a…
Blood brothers: American doctor who survived Ebola donates blood to NBC camerman who is fighting the…
White House finally orders extra Ebola screening at five airports — but only 150 people per day…
Ebola fears prevent thousands of West African Muslims from attending Hajj as Saudi Arabia implements…
Spanish Ebola nurses dog Excalibur is PUT DOWN over fears it could transmit the disease, as angry…
The row erupted as: Mr Hunt admitted it was entirely possible the deadly virus will enter the UK by one route or another.Every major hospital in England was ordered to prepare for the arrival of ebola patients.Health experts pleaded that anyone with symptoms do not visit their GP or A&E for fear of spreading the disease.The mother of a nine-year-old boy from Sierra Leone, whose visit to a school in Stockport was cancelled in case of infection, said her son was being treated like a leper.The World Health Organisation admitted the march of the virus across Europe was unavoidable.Some 750 British military personnel are being sent to West Africa to help tackle the spread of the disease.The official global death toll approached 3,900 out of 8,000 cases, making it one of the worst health disasters in modern history.
US will implement extra Ebola screening at five airports
People outside Roberts International Airport as they leave Liberia, with fear of the virus spreading in MonroviaScreening at border points, which was first used during the Chinese SARS outbreak in 2002, involves a simple temperature test, sometimes accompanied by a health questionnaire.A thermal scanner is pointed at the passengers forehead to detect an elevated fever.
We dont want to deal with this after the event: Keith Vaz, chairman of the home affairs select committee, said Britain must put in screening at our bordersIf the temperature is above normal, the passenger would be questioned about their movements and medical history, and taken for further tests. Last night a No 10 source said Downing Street believed other actions were more effective than screening, but added that it had not been completely ruled out.The US are doing this, and we will want to look at how it is implemented and how effective it is, the source said. We are not convinced it is effective, but we are staying flexible. US officials said screening ebola would start at five major airports – New Yorks John F Kennedy, Newark in New Jersey, Washington Dulles in the US capital, OHare in Chicago and Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta – as early as this weekend.Passengers arriving from affected countries Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea will be given questionnaires and have their temperatures taken.Professor Peter Piot, who was part of the team that identified Ebola in 1976, said he was not concerned about a mass outbreak of the killer disease here, but we should be ready for isolated cases amongst those who have travelled to west Africa to help in the outbreak.Prof Piot, a director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said he never believed an Ebola outbreak could have become so deadly.He told BBC Breakfast: Lets not forget that in the 38 years since 1976 there have only been about 1,500 people who died from Ebola, less than 40 a year.So it wasnt really a big issue, a big public health problem, but here it got completely out of control in the first place because we never knew and imagined it could pop up in west Africa. The response was very slow so it got out of control before the current measures were put in place. It makes it much more difficult. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said: The disease is an unprecedented threat that knows no borders. We now need the wider international community to step up to the plate.We all have to do more if we are going to prevent what is currently a crisis from becoming a catastrophe.Britain has the busiest air hubs in the world, receiving more passengers than any other nation from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.
John Kerry urges more countries to step up Ebola fight
Previous case: Screening at border points was first used during the Chinese SARS outbreak in 2002. Here, flight attendants from Qatar Airways wear masks at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Indonesia in April 2003Although all direct flights between London and the three countries have been suspended, more than 6,000 people make the journey each week, changing in Brussels, Paris or Nigeria en route to Heathrow or Gatwick. The disease is an unprecedented threat that knows no borders. We now need the wider international community to step up to the plate  Foreign Secretary Philip HammondThe US, in comparison, sees between 3,000 and 6,000 passengers a week from the region. Mr Hunt last night admitted the scale of the crisis was almost unprecedented.This is clearly one of the most serious global health emergencies of recent years – we are taking it incredibly seriously, he said.Our first priority as the Government is to make sure the British people are safe. It is now entirely possible that someone with ebola will come to the UK either by one route or another.But Public Health England reiterated its reluctance to put screening measures into place. A spokesman said: There are no plans to introduce entry screening for ebola in the UK.This would require the UK to screen every returning traveller, as people could return to the UK from an affected country through any port of entry. This would be huge numbers of low-risk people.
First Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States has died
Single location: The UK has only one high-level isolation ward equipped to deal with ebola – at the Royal Free Hospital in North London (pictured in August)Mr Vaz said more urgent action was needed. The best way to be safe is to make sure we put in preventative measures now, he said.To hang on and not do this does not help the public feel there is confidence in the system. The best way to be safe is to make sure we put in preventative measures now. To hang on and not do this does not help the public feel there is confidence in the system  Keith Vaz, home affairs select committee chairmanWe dont want to deal with this after the event just because we have the best health service in the world. We dont want to test it to see if it can cope with ebola.It emerged last night that every major hospital in England has been put on high alert over the crisis. City hospitals, specialist centres and intensive care units have been told to prepare for an influx of patients infected with the disease.Any hospital that has an infectious diseases unit or is able to isolate a patient is gearing up for this, an NHS England source told the Daily Mail.The UK has only one high-level isolation ward equipped to deal with ebola – at the Royal Free Hospital in North London.Three other hospitals, in Sheffield, Newcastle and Liverpool, have been identified as possible ebola surge centres if there was a large outbreak.
Liberian leader sees signs Ebola in decline but aid too slow

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A mother who lost her leg in an horrific car crash has found a new lease of life… thanks to pole dancing.Lisa Eagleton, 40, had to have her right leg amputated below the knee following the smash in 2007.But, after months of rehabilitation and support at a specialist centre, she regained her confidence and learned to walk again.Scroll down for video 
Lisa  had to have her right leg amputated below the knee following a car crash in 2007
Lisa now takes part in competitions as Britains only below-knee amputee pole dancerThe mother-of-four from Wigan – who is also known as Lady Lush Lisa – went on to become an alternative catwalk model.Now she is also wowing crowds and takes part in competitions as Britains only below-knee amputee pole dancer.Lisa, who had enjoyed dancing before the crash, said: Even months after my amputation, I was in pain every day, living on morphine. The socket in my prosthetic leg rubbed, causing blisters that resulted in me being barely able to walk. 
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Is this Britains worst school? Inside the classroom where children spit, swear and even attempt to physically attack their teachers
It has wrecked my life: Man who has 100 orgasms a day breaks down as he describes the daily hell of his rare medical condition 
I had lost my life as it was. I thought I had to accept my limitations. I was told I would never be as I was before my accident. Everyone was telling me what I couldnt do, what I no-longer was. I was depressed and in pain.Lisa was referred to the Pace Rehabilitation Centre in Cheadle, where the support helped her walk again.
Watch as this amputee dancer gets to grip with the pole
Lisa shows off some of her incredible skills on the pole, which took a long time and determination to master Out of the blue she was offered a chance to take part in a photoshoot, which led to her becoming an alternative model and taking up pole dancing.Lisa said: Since the accident, I felt unattractive, had low body confidence and was uncertain of what the world thought of a limbless woman. However, I felt it was time to accept that this was me, and rebuild myself.I had missed dance so much, but decided a route to return to it was pole dancing, as that was low impact on my leg and offered me support.My teachers helped me learn the moves, some of which took a long time to master, but I was determined to dance again.
Lisa no longer feels the same low body confidence she had directly after her accident 
The challenges of pole dancing meant there were days when Lisa struggled to walk afterwardsThe challenges of pole dancing meant there were days when Lisa struggled to walk afterwards, but her determined spirit saw her through.She said: After lots of practice, I eventually managed to compete in some competitions and became Britains only below-knee amputee pole dancer.Lisa, who swims eight hours a week and does yoga to help ease the pain she still suffers, said: Theres always a way to do things to make you happy. The hardest thing is to take the first step.Victoria Bryne, from Pole Seduction, the Wigan pole dancing and fitness school where Lisa learned how to pole dance, said: The things she can do on the pole now are unbelievable. She does move after move and shes an inspiration to other girls in the class. Im really proud of her. 

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CNNs Human to Hero series celebrates inspiration and achievement in sport. September 4, 2014

During the hard times that followed, he was able to draw on the religious beliefs instilled in him by his grandmother.
My faith keeps me to who I am, because a lot of times there are a lot of distractions, a lot of pressures that come with the lifestyle, Taylor explains.
But keeping that faith and just remembering who I am is very important to me. I have my daily devotions.

#trulyblessed— Christian Taylor (@Taylored2jump) August 25, 2014

Indeed, the market town in the East Midlands of England was a long way from Fayetteville, Georgia, where his parents — immigrants from the West Indian island of Barbados — moved after Taylors birth in Long Island, New York.
My childhood was the typical American story — I played football, basketball, a lot of soccer growing up. My parents were taking me to karate, so I really tried it all, he recalls.

#humantohero is Olympic triple-jump champ @Taylored2jump – watch @WorldSportCNN Wed/Thu @iaaforg— Gary Morley (@GaryM0rley) September 23, 2014

He has also been running 400 meters — which he hopes may be a stepping stone to a place in the U.S. relay team for the 2016 Rio Olympics, where he also plans to defend his triple-jump title.
It all comes down to pushing himself as far as he can go — and next on the list is the world record of 18.29m (60 feet), set by Britains Jonathan Edwards in 1995.

Female discus thrower defies stereotypes

Worlds oldest runners secret routine

Kenya javelin thrower learns via YouTube

Im at 17.96m so its not too far but at the same time, its actually very far, Taylor says.
Its pushing myself beyond limits I dont think I can even comprehend at this time — its going to take an out-of-body experience, so Im pretty excited about that.
I would like to do it at a world championships but if it happens also in Rio, I wont say not to that, he adds, breaking into a trademark smile.
Ultimately, Taylor is hoping to steal some of the limelight enjoyed by Usain Bolt, the biggest name in athletics and arguably the most charismatic man in world sport.
When Usain walks onto the track, the lights turn on, the people are to their feet and its an energy like no other — and thats something I strive for myself, he says.
I want to bring not eyes just to myself but to the triple-jump because I think right now its such a hard event, and I think getting that to the limelight would be pretty special.
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Factors extremism the ideological states

Editors note: Ghaffar Hussain is managing director of Quilliam, a think tank formed to combat extremism in society. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely his.
London (CNN) — In recent months, much ink has been spilt exploring why some young British Muslims abandon a comfortable life in the UK to join one of the most brutal and blood-thirsty terrorist groups in recent history, namely the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Sadly, much of this commentary has struggled to move beyond clichés that revolve around hate preachers and extremist websites.
In order to arrive at a more nuanced understanding of why a group like ISIS is able to attract hundreds of young British Muslims, we must examine a wide range of factors that contribute towards creating a ISIS narrative that has resonance and appeal.
This involves facing up to some uncomfortable truths about contemporary Muslim political discourse and coming to terms with the negative impact of the recent lurch towards vacuous literalism within British Muslim communities.

Ghaffar Hussain

There is a fundamental cognitive dissonance in the minds of many young Muslims in Britain today. On one hand a conservative religious upbringing informs individuals that they alone have the true holy book, the true God and, of course, the true religion. This gives rise to lofty expectations for Muslim societies globally. However, the reality of contemporary Muslim societies, mired in poverty, illiteracy, violence and corruption as they are, stands in stark contrast to such grand expectations.
This perturbing juxtaposition requires an explanation that neither denies the perceived reality nor challenges Muslim exclusivist tendencies. Such an explanation or narrative needs to take into account the sense of victimhood and humiliation some Muslims feel and seek to externalize. It also needs to offer a program for restoring much-needed collective pride.
In essence, groups like ISIS are filling this gaping void, a void other post-colonial nationalist movements have failed to fill. In the eyes of the jihadists, Muslim societies around the world are struggling today because they have been systemically undermined by western neo-colonialism and strayed from the true Islam. The solution, therefore, is to expel any semblance of western influence, along with their local stooges and puppets, and introduce a strict and harsh interpretation of Islam.

Muslim Council: Must not glamorize jihad

Fighting extremism on Londons streets

British Muslims counter extremism

The attraction for some is then obvious since by this narrative a struggle to understand complex geo-politics is replaced with a simplistic one size fits all framework. It does not require one to expend energy in difficult and searching introspection since all blame can be shifted to the perceived enemy and sinister anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.
It replaces the quest for a firm sense of identity in an increasingly globalized and, at times, disorientating world with a militant and aggressive Muslim identity that seeks conflict rather than co-existence in order to distinguish itself, be relevant and create tribal cohesion.
Some Muslims who dont subscribe to the tactics and ideological world-view of groups like ISIS still buy into the broad narrative such jihadist and Islamist groups purvey. The adoption of this broader narrative has become the default anti-establishment politics of today. It is a means of expressing solidarity and asserting a bold new identity while being a vehicle for seeking the restoration of pride and self-dignity.
Of course, for most British Muslims the ISIS narrative has no resonance whatsoever and alternative narratives to ease the cognitive dissonance are sought. However, the steady increase in ultra-conservative Islamic mores in recent years, backed by petro-dollars from Gulf Arab States, has meant the number of young Muslims that do sympathize with the ISIS narrative is alarmingly high. After all, the ISIS reading of scripture deviates very little from the Wahabism aggressively promoted by certain Gulf States.
The hundreds of British nationals did not abandon their families in the UK to join ISIS in a vacuum. The proliferation of literalist and austere strands of Islam combined with the inability of mainstream Muslim commentators to articulate a political narrative that does not reinforce the victimhood status and perceptions of grand anti-Muslim conspiracies have paved the way for ISIS propagandists. In the meantime, the over-reliance of Western states on law and war as a means of combating what is ultimately an ideological threat has meant extremist recruiters have yet to encounter a direct ideological challenge.
As things stand, British and other Western-born Muslims will continue being recruited to groups like ISIS as long as we fail to diagnose the problem correctly. A correct diagnosis needs to be followed by a direct and robust ideological challenge that is accompanied by alternative models and narratives for explaining the decrepit state of Muslim societies. Of course, positive political models that young Muslims can aspire to also need to be articulated in a fashion that does not alienate or patronize.
In the absence of this, dark forces that rely on unprecedented levels of brutality will continue to rise and fill a void we failed to identify.